Visitors From Japan

Jul 15, 2022

Valley United Co-op welcomed Hiroshi ISODA, Ph.D., and Junjie Jiang from Fukuoka, Japan on Wednesday, July 13, 2022.
Hiroshi is a professor at Kyushu University where he teaches Political Economy of Agriculture and Agricultural Policies, at the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics Center. Junjie is a student of Hiroshi’s who is completing her master’s degree. She is studying Laboratory of Food and Agriculture in the Policy Department at the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics while attending Graduate School for Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences.
The two traveled nearly 6,000 miles to study grain and the cooperative structure in the United States. Hiroshi and Junjie sat down with CEO, Paul Coppin, Grain Merchandiser and Operations Manager, Travis Hegg, and Grain Merchandiser, A.J. Andresen to discuss the similarities and differences between Valley United to co-ops in Japan and learn about our history. Paul went into detail about our facilities and how Valley United Co-op effectively functions.
Hiroshi and Junjie were given a tour of our Reynolds facilities. They then traveled to a few local farms around the Red River Valley meeting with farmers that collaborate with Valley United and hearing their stories.


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