Valley United Co-op has elevators located throughout the Red River Valley, with locations in Reynolds, ND, Buxton, ND, Thompson, ND, Halstad, MN, and Fisher, MN. 


Pricing of price later, storage, basis fixed, and grain should be done during the trading session unless agreed to otherwise. We can create offers at any time. 

Futures Fixed Contract

Futures Fixed Contracts (also known as Hedge to Arrive) has futures set at time of contracting. The basis will be set on the entire contract on the first day of delivery if the basis has not been set before delivery.

Price Later Contracts

We offer various price later programs throughout the year. This contract allows a producer to move grain without establishing a price.  Charges may vary.  

Basis Contract

A basis contract is priced in two steps. The initial contract specifies the bushel amount, the delivery period, and the “basis” for a particular futures month. The basis is the difference between the cash price and the futures price. The futures price is to be set at a future date. Delivery of grain can be made without pricing the futures. A price later contract can be converted to a basis contract (storage will stop, but storage that has accrued will be collected upon settlement.) A basis contract may be rolled forward to another contract month, 1 time, at the spread between the futures months, plus a fee.

Installment Sales

Installment Sales (deferred payments) are contracts in which payment can be made in the next calendar year.