Valley United Co-op Food Drive for Giving Hearts Day

Feb 22, 2023

Valley United Co-op hosted a food drive for Giving Hearts Day this year. Giving Hearts Day is a 24-hour event for charities in North Dakota and northwest Minnesota. Each year, Giving Hearts Day provides a platform for charities to fund their missions through an ever-increasing community of donors, many of whom get to experience the joy of giving for the first time. The longest-running giving day in the country, Giving Hearts Day has helped participating charities raise more than $138 million since its founding.
 The goal was to collect 1000 lbs. of goods and fill up a trailer. VUC received donations from 14 businesses and 15 community members. The businesses included: The Beehive of Reynolds, Central Valley Bean Co-op, Sesvanderhave, Knights of Columbus of Hillsboro, Knights of Columbus of Reynolds, Helena, Weber Meats, Alton Grain Terminal, NDGDA, NaKota Packers, ADM, Valley Plains Equipment, Corteva, and the Valley United Co-op C-Store in Halstad. The final number of goods donated was 4,307 lbs. With a dollar-per-pound match from Land O’Lakes Inc. One of the biggest donations came from Nate VanWechel with ADM who donated 2,100+ lbs. of Bush Beans.
The food drive goods were donated to the Hillsboro Food Pantry and to the Great Plains Food Bank in Fargo, ND. Both food banks were extremely grateful and a lot of help. The Great Plains Food Bank values commitments to, along with many other areas, diversity, food safety, and nutrition in providing food assistance to the one in nine individuals across North Dakota struggling with hunger. The Great Plains Food Bank works hand in hand with our surrounding communities.
 Valley United is amazed by how well this drive went for our first year hosting it. We hope this drive gets bigger and bigger in the years to come and we’d like to say thank you to everyone who donated.

To view photos from the drive Click Here

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