National Co-op Month

Oct 04, 2022

October is National Co-op Month.
Every October, cooperatives from all across the country celebrate National Cooperative Month. The reason for this annual celebration is to recognize all of the local co-ops and to remind people of their purpose.

Valley United Co-op is headquartered in Reynolds, ND, employs roughly 75 full-time employees, 100+ during the busy season with seasonal help, and serves more than 500 customers in the Red River Valley of Minnesota and North Dakota through our 8 locations.

Agricultural cooperatives have made an impact around the world for generations. Farmers that are a part of a co-op make decisions together and share profits among all members. Income from farmer-owned co-ops is reinvested into the business or returned to the members. In rural communities, farm co-ops are essential to support local communities and their economies.
Some Interesting Facts About Co-ops
  • 2 million farmers are members of more than 2,100 co-ops in the U.S.
  • There are more than 1.2 million agricultural co-ops across the globe
  • More than 250,000 people are employed by farmer-owned co-ops
  • Most of the top agricultural cooperatives are based in the Midwest

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