Employee Spotlight

Oct 06, 2022

Jamie Reed is our Spotlight Employee for the month of October. Jamie is the Fertilizer Operations Manager in Buxton. He was born and raised and continues to live in Hillsboro, ND.  He is married to his wife, Doreen, and they have 3 boys, Austin, Landen, and Jaren.  They also have a dog named Bella. Jamie has been working with Valley United since April 2006.
During his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends down at their lake spot.  He has been on the Hillsboro Fire & Rescue Department for over 30 years. He has been the fire chief since 1998.  “I also officiate high school basketball since 1991, and always enjoy hunting when I get the chance, especially deer hunting in which I finally got a tag this year,” says Jamie.
One of his biggest accomplishments:
“I think there have been numerous times on the fire department, working calls with a great bunch of firefighters and getting to that successful end result. It is very satisfying to help people out in emergencies.”
Do you have a nickname?
“None that I am aware of, but I am sure there are some out there.”
His first job was working for a local farmer in high school. Jamie decided to come to VUC because he knew the agronomy manager at the time, and he was approached to run a new location for him. He felt good about the opportunity and here he is today.  “From Paul Coppin, CEO, picking me up on a Saturday in April 2006 until today, it has been a great decision,” Reed says. “I enjoy working with a great group of employees that we have throughout the company.  Every day seems to bring different challenges and opportunities in our company.”
Valley United feels very lucky to have Jamie Reed as a part of the family.

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