Employee Spotlight

Sep 01, 2022

Our Spotlight Employee for the month of September is Rick Leiser. Rick is the Halstad Plant Manager and started working with Valley United in 2003. He is from Fertile, MN but now lives out in the country of Trail County. Rick has been married to his wife, Lea, for 21 years, this month. Together they have 2 kids, Reeve (17) and Layne (13) and they both attend school in Hillsboro, ND. He also has 2 dogs and 1 cat. Rick is an avid football fan. He enjoys the fall season and deer hunting. In college, his friends called him “Fert” (for obvious reasons). He grew up working on a family farm, and his first job was in Ada at Feed & Seed. He decided to come work at the Halstad Elevator because of a family member who mentioned it at a sporting event. He interviewed and saw an opportunity to enjoy all the business had to offer.
What does Rick enjoy about working with VUC?
“I like the change throughout the year, not repetitive for too long. The team we have does an awesome job, and they get the job done.”
-Rick Leiser


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