Employee Spotlight

Jul 06, 2022

Our spotlight employee this month is Travis Hegg. Travis is the Grain Merchandiser and Grain Operations Manager at Valley United Co-op. He is from Thompson, ND, and started working for VUC in 2008. Travis has been married to his wife, Jessi, for almost 10 years. They have 2 daughters Elizabeth (8) and Evelyn (5) and 2 dogs Bailey (13) and Cailey (2.5). His biggest accomplishments include becoming a merchandiser at Valley United, having two wonderful children, and moving to his family farm.
Outside of work, he enjoys riding his 4wheeler, hunting, hanging out with family and friends, and “having a few.” His first job was at Valley Car Wash in Grand Forks. Travis’s nickname is “Carlos,” he isn’t too sure why he accumulated the name, but someone called him it in the bar in Buxton and it stuck. Why did he decide to come to Valley United Co-op and what does he love about it? “I looked to better myself, I saw all the employees were happy, and I saw potential. I have been around this area all my life and I could see that it was a great place
to work. I just plainly love what I do and the people I am surrounded by. Our customers are great, and we have known each other for a long time. My coworkers aren’t “like” … they ARE family. Great boss, great people, great job.” Valley United is extremely lucky to have Travis.
He keeps the office laughing.


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