Ask An Agronomist

Jul 14, 2022

What’s happening between the Hillsboro & Halstad area?

Depending on where the heavier rain amounts were, there are many sprayers and planes spraying in the area!
Fungicide is being applied yet to some later planted wheat and barley.
Some sugar beet fields are getting their first or second round of fungicide. Soybean herbicide applications are wrapping up or getting a second application for any escapes.
Edible beans are looking clean, and some will be flowering this weekend.
Corn is looking spectacular with the warmer days and finally taller than me!
Next week more growers will be applying fungicide to their beets for CLS protection. Some edible bean acres may get fungicide to help protect the flowers with white mold. Otherwise, we’re getting over the peak of our busy chemical season.
If this dry spell continues, those acres will start to see drought symptoms (pineapple leaves, firing up).
That being said, we have had some very high humidity days that could potentially cause some disease flare ups in certain areas.
Some areas have been getting sufficient moisture but like mentioned above, there are portions of this area that need about an inch of rain over three days.
Pre emerges were very beneficial this spring with only a few escapes. Weed control for the early postemergence applications were good with only a few escapes from some bigger weeds that escaped the pre emerge. Nothing too concerning and satisfied with this years weed control.
Grasshoppers keep producing new batches as the summer continues. We’ve been keeping an eye out for any fields that need to be sprayed or need another application of insecticide.
Not finding any soybean aphids yet but if this heat continues and we stay dry, we may see spider mites like we did last year.
Vantacor is a new, long residual, low use rate insecticide that we would like to try on grasshopper acres in soybeans. Vantacor works through the plants, so once ingested by insects, the active ingredient gets to work.

Be vigilant for grasshoppers!

Please call your agronomist with any questions or concerns.
-Agronomist, Mari Mueller

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