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Valley United Co-op Harvest Plan

Aug 13, 2020

There is no question COVID-19 has forced us into some unfamiliar practices. It seems like masks and socially distancing is becoming an everyday normalcy for us. At Valley United we had to ask ourselves how can we help? Below are the plans for delivery of crops at our elevators. 

We are discouraging growers to come into the elevator offices, to protect themselves and our employees. We ask that drivers stay in their trucks if possible. We would also like to offer a new tool. The ability to view scale tickets online is now possible. This is a project we have been working on for months, but because of COVID have decided to release it early. Below are the instructions to get signed up. 

Go to
Click the Sign Up button under "Receive Scale Tickets Online"
Fill out the information
Wait to be contacted once you have submitted your information

All connections need to be verified and vested to make sure the correct people are receiving the correct information, so the sign up is not immediate. It would be better be to proactive and sign up now than to wait until your first day bringing in loads.  

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