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Ask An Agronomist

May 16, 2022

Ask An Agronomist

What is happening today in the Hillsboro area?
We just got started spreading today. The first of the crops are just getting put into the ground. About 2% of our area is planted. Currently, I know of wheat, barley, beets, and corn that are being planted right now. 
What do you see happening in the next week?
I am hoping to get a majority of small grains, and beets planted this week. I am worried about growers having time to get their pre-emerge on with the short planting windows we have. I believe they will still benefit by getting a pre on their acres. 
What should growers know?
I think growers should consider using an iron product on their soybean acres. They should also consider using Grounded with their pre’s. Grounded improves adsorption in the soil, Keeps AI in the weed kill-zone longer, and can protect against photodegradation keeping that AI around even if there is no rain in the forecast, and it will make product like Verdict work better as a burndown because of its oil-like property.
Please be patient we are all working as hard as possible to make sure everyone’s needs are meet.

-Zach Wright

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