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Pest Alert

Jun 24, 2020

There have been damaging levels of grasshoppers found in the Central Part of Norman County.  Grasshoppers usually start their lifecycle in noncropland and road ditches and move into cropland later in the season.  As with most insects, it is important to scout early and often for them.  
According to the University of Minnesota there are 2 different thresholds for grasshoppers.  30% defoliation is considered Economic threshold for most defoliating insects (see image).  You can also do bug counts where the thresholds are 30-45 nymphs or 8-14 adults per square yard.  Effective treatments for threshold level grasshoppers include Pyrethroids or Chlorpyrifos.  Be sure to follow all label instructions. If you have any questions, contact your local agronomist.

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